AN INVITATION: A review of the movie “FENCES”

AN INVITATION: A review of the movie “FENCES”

I’m so proud and fortunate to belong to one of the best groups in this town. I belong to the Women In Film (WIF),

and besides of being surrounded by the coolest and very talented women I’ve ever met, I receive wonderful perks

such as invitations to screenings. This Sunday, I just witnessed one of the best movies ever made; I had the privilege to attend a screening of “Fences”. Truth to be told, my expectations were high since two of the greatest and favorite actors were playing, none other than the amazing Denzel Washington and to his side the wonderful star Viola Davis.

But, little that I knew, my expectations shattered into pieces, when I realized that they were catapulted to a higher dimension; much like a “supernova”. Their performance and chemistry on screen superseded not only what I thought it to be; but soon, I found myself without words, I felt short of proper adjectives to decipher what I was watching.

The caliber of the talent, the unparallel chemistry among the whole cast drawn me into the screen, and I was transported to that era where the characters so simply and truly showed us how the everyday man lived, how society had molded their lives, how families fought for a brighter future, and how change was inevitable.

Washington and Davis carried me in their dialogue and performances, I could feel I was there in the year 1957, and everyone that joined in felt as part of a family, one that now was inviting me into their living room; I was invited and taken back to see find their roots, deep inside their core, and before I could realize it I became part of their lives. It was an invitation to witness love.

This was a movie about love, a love of a family, a love that comes from a broken past, the sacrifices, the union of loved ones; family and friends alike, the survival of the fittest, the legacy that we all leave behind. But above all it was about love.

The type of love which knows no boundaries, times, or genders a love that’s pure and true. The movie “Fences” shows us a love that is immovable, a love that is unchangeable or that can never be destroyed regardless of how bruised, bit up, or shattered it gets through life.

I cried, I laughed, I got angry and I was happy at moments, and I let myself be drawn by the superb performance of its cast. And by the end, I was left with a softer heart, a great admiration and pride for those who do their jobs with their whole hearts and souls. I had witnessed a performance worthy of many awards and recognition for years to come.

After the amazing film, we enjoyed a succulent brunch and had the opportunity to share the room with a rather humble and very talented woman; Charlotte Ruus. She’s the cinematographer behind it; she shared her experience working on this project, and we all agreed that this was one stellar debut of Washington’s directing role.

I always had a great admiration for Washington as an actor, and as an individual, but now as a director my appreciation for him has gone far and beyond; his brilliance and talent speak much louder than any words I could write on paper. His respect for the arts, his recognition and care to keep true to the creator’s play is simply prodigious.

If one thing I can say, is do not miss the film, it’s an experience from out of this world. You’ll witness a true piece of art, a true tribute to its creator, and one more time a true and great talent at its best. Undeniably, FENCES is an unforgettable film.

Thank you WIF for the invite and helping me realize this is one of the best films I have watched this year. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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