Dapper Bird

Dapper Bird

OUR STORY: It all started with the idea of a boutique entertainment company that will combine storytelling and history. We have expanded in two divisions; a film production and talent management.

OUR MISSION: Is to reach out to every corner of the world through entertainment, while breaking the distance barriers and bringing a sense of togetherness a few hours at a time.

We have combined expertise and excellency to educate, preserve, as well as to entertain. With a focus on historical dramas, proclaiming minority’s artistic views, preserving history and stellar personalities throughout the ages, we encourage the new generation to participate and collaborate in storytelling.

Every day, we motivate ourselves with the words of Saul Zaentz, at his Thalberg acceptance speech, when he said; “passion is the immeasurable, indescribable factor that separates movie from movie. Passion moves freely across borders, speaks every language, and flourishes in every culture. The movement of passion is the most gratifying satisfaction in any movie-maker’s life.”

OUR NAME: Dapper stands for smart, elegant, dashing; we proud ourselves to be working with an elite group of award winning professionals and with a selective and unique number of projects. Bird represents our mutual desire to stretch out our wings and soar to the highest as we cover the world; every town, every home, every person.