Our experience at “BERLIN STATION” – premiere of the television series by EPIX

Our experience at “BERLIN STATION” – premiere of the television series by EPIX

Hollywood! What a town, What a crowd!

Between work, meetings, parties, friends,

and colleagues,

the feeling of having fun fits as one of the requirements of living in this beautiful city.

Los Angeles; or the Capital of Entertainment as some would call it, is full of life, vibrant moments, talented individuals and amazing opportunities. At Dapper Bird Entertainment, we are grateful for those times that we can attend, get to mingle with so much artistic talent, and having so much fun.

One night in last September, we were invited to the premiere of the Television Series titled “Berlin Station”, an espionage drama show that showcases stars such as Leland Orser, Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ifans, Richard Jenkins, and British actor Richard Armitage.

The story plot is led by Daniel Miller, played by Richard Armitage, an American CIA Agent who arrives to the CIA Station in Berlin, and in charge of uncovering the mystery behind a whistleblower named Thomas Shaw.

Armitage speaks American English, and from time to time his British roots are slightly noticeable, but this only accentuates and remind us the lovely hint of diversity that in this country, almost everyone shares. Orser plays the role of Robert Kirsch, he’s the one wearing the “funny hat” and almost fed-up attitude of an overworked and stressed man. Very smart, very direct and above all very right in his observations. On the other hand, a very brave but softer side of the strong men, is the character of Valerie Edwards, played by Forbes. She’s the one who glues them together and brings the softer human elements to the team. I truly enjoyed the story, the characters, and the people all around it. It was an unforgettable experience.

Overall, it was an enchanted night full of stars above and around, a night where everyone enjoyed the passion of the Writer, the extreme precision of a Director’s eye and the undeniably steadfast work of a Production team and Crew.

The pilot episode was full of twists, beautiful locations, and all the intrigue an espionage drama would entitle. A cast that transported us to another town, another city, and how each moment was essential to safeguarding all of us on the outside. The story was told in a way, that we could relate to and once again feel grateful for those who make sure we can live in freedom.

After watching the epic drama, we all got to say hello to the stars, and got the chance to meet them face to face, and know what working in this business mean to them. Among laughs, questions and answers, we got to share once more the beauty and magic of filming, acting, and the team work behind all.

I got the opportunity to shake hands with Armitage and Orser, we chatted for a bit and laughed with them as they related their experiences on set. Forbes’ confidence and poise made us all to be at ease. We enjoyed every minute we spent with them all as they all brought us to laugh with their unique and prolific sense of humor.

Among the guests, I personally got to meet and mingle with one of my favorite actors, but that story is better left for another posting. It deserves its own space, or better said, its own light. You’ll laugh and I’ll prove once again, that in show business, you should never be afraid to make a fool out of yourself; especially, for the sake of having fun while working!

Until next time, thank you!

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