Our own ATOMIC BLONDE….Faneal Godbold

Our own ATOMIC BLONDE….Faneal Godbold

Bold…… Godbold to you!

Trained in just about everything one might need to be the next Bond, Faneal Godbold has exceptional training. Her skills include Police/Detective work, Tactical Driving, Fire Arms, SWAT Protocol, and Sniper Experience.

Our own Atomic Blonde will get your heart pumping and on the edge of your seat. She’s got the armor of a trained fighter, and the softness of a caring woman who knows when to kick some justice into those who break the law or disturb the peace among her peers. In the era of Bourne, Bond, Mad Max and John Wicks, we are proud to work with a rising star; or should I say, a shooting star! Faneal has paid her dues, and proved to be a hard working actor with a faithful dedication to her craft and duties.

The tall blonde, blue-eyed, Godbold, was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina. After joining a drama program in middle school, she discovered her love for acting. She took advantage of the pre-adolescent aura and co-wrote and starred in several plays featuring her chums. This became a fuel that would forever ignite her devotion in acting and whatever task she had at hand.

As she grew up, she decided to put her acting niche on hold, pursued sports and eventually went on to study Criminal Justice at Charleston Southern University, where she walked away with a bachelors degree. But acting was already boiling in her blood and was part of her DNA, while cramming for midterms and finals, Godbold rekindled the passion she had for the performing arts.

Life after college was dangerously exciting for her, as her career in law nudged her to train extensively with tactical weapons and police procedures. “After several years in law enforcement, Faneal was approached by Investigate Discovery to film a segment on a murder that she has investigated,” (ref: Godbold’s website) Faneal’s passion and dedication rose to the max and acting merged with her work expertise, then, she knew, there was no running away from her calling.

When she’s not training or submitting for a role, she’s working hard as a team player. She’s not only great allied among the human kind, but of those four legged creatures that we share our lives with here on Earth. Faneal, a top level officer of the law and outstanding actress donates to cancer, animals, and multiple sclerosis. She travels wherever and whenever necessary and her strong passion for acting and humanity shines throughout as it embraces the world.

Her experience extends to the world of film and television. Her television work includes shows such as: Nashville, Dick Kelly, Containment, Scorned: Killer Couples, Scorned: Love Kills, The Junkie King, and most recently, HAON. Godbold describes, “Steeped in the supernatural and brewed in immortality, “HAON” revolves around a little girl who could hold the key to immortality and the people who surround her that want to protect and/or exploit her abilities while bringing in elements of history.” Godbold plays Erica Strauss, a Chief of Security for The Society of Juvenile helpers founded by Jacob Aaron.

Though her television experience might be a mouthful, her film work is impressive. Her involvement begins with: Vacation, The Fifth Wave, Extreme the Movie, Bandages, The Brothers Statue, Manifest Destiny, Batman: Master of Fear, Nascent Nation- A Superman Story, and ends with her most recent project, In Utero. Godbold describes her role, “My character Zoe, is a broken woman, whose moral compass is askew in her search to become whole again. Heaven helps anyone that gets in her way, and what will become of her.” She continues, “A hardcore thriller which delves into the taboos and morays that define us and divide. The value of life, and the lengths one would go to if pushes to protect a life.”

The Film is a throwback to the grindhouse films of the 70’s (Last house on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave), with a modern edge.”

Godbold a star in the rising! Our own Atomic Blonde! Hollywood awaits!

*Article Written by Sylvia Valdez and Olga Aldama – Edited by Olga Aldama – Photos with permission by Faneal Godbold


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