Season’s Greetings 2017 – Thank You for:

Season’s Greetings 2017 – Thank You for:

Sticking around during the good and not so good times!

Entertaining the idea and thought that we all can make a difference in this ever-changing world!

Allowing us to be part of your lives and homes, one story at a time!

Surprising us with your wit, your gifts, your company, your friendship, your smiles and your love!

Outstanding support, helping hand, and priceless collaboration while sharing hard work!

Never stopping giving us your talent, willingness, and loving charity you offered to those in need!

So much love to celebrate a time of hopes, dreams, and cheers with family and friends!

Graciously giving up your time of rest to assist those who couldn’t and needed help!

Remembering to share, to participate and to give before receiving, by putting others before you!

Enthusiasm and cheers to your fellow actors, agents, and others that work behind the scenes!

Eternal light, your shine that made possible to see the fruits of a full year of work!

Taking the time to work, to learn, and to give a voice to those who were silent for so long!

Interpreting and portraying the pain and lives of those who were before your time, but you still remember and praise!

Nudging off the obstacles we encountered in our paths and tried to divert us from grace and a successful future!

Giving to the next generation a chance to grow in a better world, where love will always prevail!

Standing tall, and for all the differences you’ve made in each and everyone of us!

Happy Holidays & Prosperous New Year!


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