The Extraordinary Ordinary – Natalie’s project

The Extraordinary Ordinary – Natalie’s project

It all begins with a story, then, you’ll get to know who’s behind it and the human side of it touches your heart, and then, boom! you’re hooked!

That was for me!

The Extraordinary Ordinary, a project by Natalie Rodriguez got me at hello!

Natalie communicated with me through mail, on a Sunday late afternoon back in June. At first, she went to a pile of unopened correspondence. Later, when I prepared my work calendar for the following week, I went back and read her story. Immediately, I could see this project carried a lot of heart and emotions, it talked about those people we encounter every day, in the subway, on the street, at the store, at our schools and jobs. Those people that we just catch a glance of, and don’t get to know much deeply after that.

Natalie’s project is about Erica, a character that embodies so much pain and despair, someone who holds inside so much that refrains her from being the independent, brilliant, and beautiful woman she really is. Erica survives every day, every minute of every day as she’s learned to live a life full of joys that cannot be fully appreciated because of a dark past that haunts her all the way.

To support her, Erica’s parents are over-bearing, intrusive and very far from helpful, although with all great intentions. On the other hand, Erica’s new friends present a false escape to her cruel reality. As a result, Erica reaches bottom, like many people whose battlefield is in their own mind, Erica tastes the ultimate defeat, and we all hope that she’ll be soon awakened to face those monsters that have been tormenting her for the longest.

Erica’s story is very relevant, very real and needs to be told. It’s through her that other lives can be saved, nurtured back to a better reality and given a chance to strive and succeed in a sometimes-cruel world. Her story reaches those who have battled in fear, in a darkness that many times consumes a person from the inside out. Those who have learned to behave in a crowded world, to walk among others with an invisible cloak, and most importantly to hide in plain sight. Those are the ones who fight a terrible war; their battlefield is in their mind.

The battle in the mind, does not discriminate. It can start as innocent as a simply panic attack, and then grow to become the authority to our actions and emotions. A mind it is a very powerful and dangerous zone to be in; many times, is the source of the most illustrious ideas but also be a source of total annihilation.

The Extraordinary Ordinary is a story of valor, strength and resilience. It talks about courage, love and forgiveness. It highlights a self-forgiveness, it invites us to look deep inside ourselves, to find a kind of love that no-one else can offer. When we pick up the pieces of a broken soul and heart, and we decide to carry on, it’s then, that we learn our pasts won’t define us but only strengthen us for a greater path in life, and a much rewarding future.

We thank you all who are supporters of a cause that brings light and a message of hope to those countless and many time anonymous who suffer in silent. Let’s tell them, it’s alright to feel incomplete, broken, and damaged, at least for a bit, and then, let’s show them there’s help, support and a friend on those who are here not to judge, not to condemn but to give an everlasting and never depleting: LOVE!

Thanks for all you who contribute to make a difference in the world, for those who hear our voices, and thanks to Natalie and her team for being so dedicated, courageous and wonderful, and for reaching out to us. It’s a pleasure!

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